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Heavy Duty Plant & Equipment Hire

Durack Civil Heavy Duty Plant & Equipment Hire

Our heavy-duty equipment and up-to-date machinery enables us to service a wide range of private, government and resource sector infrastructure projects in regional Australia.

If you are a business looking to rent out heavy equipment for your project but you're not sure which one to go to, Durack Civil is here to help. We provide a wide range of services that cater to different industries including construction, mining, civil work, road building, and more.

Heavy equipment is expensive and it takes time to find the right one to rent. You need useful, reliable machinery that you can depend on. Here at Durack Civil, we offer great rates and allow full-time or part-time access so you can rent your equipment as soon as possible.

Our Heavy Equipment hire services includes the following:

Plant Hire (Wet & Dry)

  • Grader Hire - (140M, 120M, 12M) with UTS or Trimble GPS for building pavements or embankments

  • Roller Hire - Smooth Drum, Pad Foot, Multi Tyre - 12 to 24 T for compacting pavements or embankments 

  • Water Truck Hire - 12 KL - Batter Sprays, Fan Sprays, Dribble Bars for conditioning pavements and earthworks

  • Loader Hire - Forks, Buckets, Lifting Eye for loading trucks 

  • Semi Side Tippers - Up to 50 T capacity for carting material 

  • Water Tanker Hire - Up to 32 KL capacity for rural projects and larger haul distances 

  • 5 - 8 T Combo Hire - Excavator & Tipper for side tidy up and smaller civil projects

  • Truck and Dog Hire for carting material 

  • Bogie Tipper Hire

  • Excavator Hire - (14 - 25 T) with Trimble GPS if required for excavating, trimming, earthworks 

  • Bobcat Hire - Tracked Loaders for site cleanup

  • Dozer Hire - D6 to D10 for bulk earthwork projects, dam building and rock excavation

  • Scraper Hire - elevating/open bowl twin power

Why Rent Instead of Buying Heavy Duty Equipment and Plan Machineries?

For small firms or corporations who need to complete a project but don't have the time or room to buy their own heavy machinery, heavy duty machinery rental is a practical solution.

In the long term, renting heavy duty equipment can be less expensive than buying it altogether. You do not have to worry about depreciation, maintenance, and storage costs. Renting also makes storage space for your equipment becomes less of an issue.

Heavy-duty machinery rental is also an excellent choice for businesses with short-term projects that must be completed fast. This way they can just rent the equipment they need and return it when they are done with it without having to directly investing in purchasing their own heavy duty machineries.

Why Choose Durack Civil?

Durack Civil heavy duty plant and equipment hire services features low mobilisation costs backed with advanced machinery and equipment to tackle your construction and civil works in rural Queensland. We inspect and service all our assets regularly ensuring that they are all safe and within industry standards and regulations. 

Require instant deployment?  We have it all covered for you.

Work with Durack Civil

Durack Civil understands how competitive the industry is. We commit to back your projects with flexible and reliable equipment when you need it, where you need it. It has been our mission to go beyond the expectations of our loyal clients.

Call our professionals at Durack Civil to take care of all of your next heavy duty equipment rental needs. Whether you're looking for excavators, forklifts, or any other heavy duty machinery- we have all the tools that you'll need to get your job done quickly and efficiently. We also offer plant hire services, tailored according to your needs. Call us today to learn more.