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Our Services

  • Civil Construction

    End-to-end project management and engineering solutions for local government projects and large-scale civil infrastructure.

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  • Civil Concrete Construction

    We offer extensive capability in planning, monitoring and controlling of projects throughout their lifecycle.

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  • Heavy Duty Plant & Equipment Hire

    Our heavy-duty equipment and up-to-date machinery enables us to service a wide range of government, mining and resource sector infrastructure projects in regional Australia.

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  • Civil Mining Contractors

    Experienced in mining environments, we provide efficient and low-cost solutions for daily mining operations and infrastructure.

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  • Civil Land Development

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Civil Contractor & Project Management Queensland

What is the work of a civil contractor?

Civil contractors are responsible for overseeing construction projects. Their main role is to determine the construction plans for buildings, roads, and infrastructure. These professionals can help the public and private sectors collaborate on a project to get it approved. They also provide technical advice to help clients choose the best material for their projects.
Most civil contractors divide their projects into stages. This helps them escalate the progress of construction projects. Since each stage has its own specific schedule and pattern, there are different civil construction projects. The first stage is conception. This is the stage of a project that starts with the project owner. It involves determining the ideal location, specifications, and standards for the project. The conception phase can take from a couple of days to several months.

A civil contractor oversees a variety of activities, including materials testing, scheduling, and progress estimates. They also oversee the construction process. A subcontractor is a person, company, or organisation that works under the direction of the prime contractor. Their job includes monitoring progress and ensuring the quality of the work. The project manager ensures that project files are complete and correct. They also identify potential changes and draft contract modifications.

Who is a civil contractor?

A Civil contractor is a construction company that performs construction projects. Depending on the nature of the project, they can be classified as general or specialty contractors. In addition, they may be a lump sum contractor or a fixed-price contracting company.

Generally, a civil construction company will work with large organisations and agencies to complete projects. Whether they are working on a large or small project, civil construction contractors aim to complete projects within the deadline. Whether a project is big or small, it is important to consider all the factors involved, as well as the scope of the project, before deciding on who will be hired.

A civil contractor is an individual or company that has a contract to perform a construction project. A civil contractor must also follow an approved contract document that clearly specifies the scope of work, the schedule, and the price. In addition to being a contractor, a civil engineer is a professional engineer who is licensed in their State to perform civil works.