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Infrastructure Project Mangement

Durack Construction Project Management

Managing a construction project can be challenging. However, the lack of reliable construction project management to oversee your projects can cause loss of money, safety risks to employees, and worst, failure to complete a project. Investing in a construction project management team or agency ensures that your projects are on track, on schedule, and on budget.

Managing large-scale projects requires so many tasks, deadlines, documents, and activities to oversee and manage. Traditionally tracking them with pencil and paper is now considered obsolete. Finding a solution to be able to collaborate on all of these items and activities is overwhelming. Thus, construction project management teams are hired to be able to go through the construction process more efficiently.

This is what Durack Civil is established for. Our management team offers over 40 years of combined experience in managing government, mining, and other civil infrastructure in and out of Queensland. For all your civil needs, Durack is the name to beat.

Our Brand Commitment

Durack Civil maintains a good reputation in the construction and construction project management industry by constantly providing the best results for your project.

Our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing effective management using holistic approaches and working strategies in dealing with civil and construction projects.

Since 2014 we have been offering a helping hand to owners, contractors, engineers, and architects who are in need of assistance, management, and professional help in their construction processes and activities. We offer the following consulting services to our clients

Construction Management

Independence and transparency are two of our guarantees to our clients who seek unbiased construction management assistance for construction projects. We work closely with contractors and project owners to be able to resolve and prevent any issue that arises during the construction of a project. We do not hide problems. We try to solve them fast and efficiently and use this data in creating informed decisions. Here at Durack, we believe that addressing issues with honesty can solve any type of problem.

Project Oversight and Management

Do you lack the manpower or expertise to oversee complex projects? Do you need experience in dealing with citizen interest, contractor competence, and other detailed issues in developing and maintaining projects? Durack's four decades of experience in the industry can provide the level of expertise that you need to oversee your projects.

Contract Administration

Dealing with several contractors and suppliers in a construction project is a typical scenario. With Durack, you can get access to the experience, network, and expertise of our professionals for activities including the upgrade of contract documents, creating proposals, bid reviews, bid selection, and more. We also help construction companies in creating a more comprehensive and efficient procurement strategy while staying parallel with the overall project timetable. With Durack, we make things that look complicated, easy.

Construction Scheduling 

Durack construction management can help your project stay on schedule. We have decades of experience in planning, creating, evaluating, and implementing construction schedules that meet and beat deadlines. We understand the importance of time in dealing with construction projects. Time and money you waste is time and money wasted on our end too. We create and implement efficient schedules to monitor activities during a project, adjust and adapt depending on external and internal factors, and develop ways how to arrive at your target project completion date.

Professional. Trusted. Experts in the Industry

Durack Construction Project Management Services is the most trusted and reliable construction management company in QLD. With over 40 years of experience managing construction projects across all verticals and complex construction projects, we provide project management services that help businesses increase the quality and speed of construction, shorten project timelines, and improve efficiency.

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