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Our Policies

Quality, Safety and the Environment

Durack Civil provide civil construction contracting services to both public and private sector enterprises.

We make the following commitments: 

  • We provide our services in a methodical way, and set ourselves measurable objectives and targets. This is the basis for continually improving our performance in satisfying customers and protecting our employees and the environment.
  • We comply with all relevant environmental and OHS regulations and with any other requirements to which we have agreed with our customers or voluntarily imposed on ourselves.
  • We make every effort to ensure that no person is injured by our operations.
  • In providing our services we, as far as practicable, endeavour to prevent pollution of our environment, reuse, recycle or recover the maximum amount of resources that we use to provide our services.
  • We ensure that we understand our customers’ needs and only make commitments we believe we can meet.

We aim to prevent problems, rather than correct them after they occur.


It is Durack Civil's policy to ensure its projects have minimal negative impact on the local community and to foster positive relationship with the community including domestic and commercial residents and government service providers.

To ensure this, we are committed to:

  • Having open lines of commination with the community
  • Providing the community with up to date information regarding project progress, road closures and the like through:
    • Community meetings
    • Letterbox drops
    • Variable message boards
    • Other practical means
  • Taking notice of, recording, investigating where appropriate and following up all feedback from the community
  • Working with the Client to ensure they are satisfied with the level of community and stakeholder engagement


It is Durack Civil's policy to embrace partnering relationships with our Clients. 

In entering a partnering relationship we will:

  • Trust and communicate with all participants.
  • Address and resolve issues and problems promptly and at the lowest possible level.
  • Strive to develop solutions that are agreeable and meet the needs of everyone involved (win win approach).
  • Work to identify common goals for the partnership and at the same time remain aware of and respect the Clients goals and values.

Partnering Procedure

Typically, the partnering process would consist of a number of stages:

  1. An initial workshop with all key players participating. This would include representatives for the owner, superintendent, contractor and major subcontractors;
  2. A follow-up workshop to reinforce the first workshop, build teamwork and give participants the necessary partnering skills to evaluate and reinforce performance. This is typically about one month after the first workshop;
  3. Regular meetings, usually held monthly on-site to discuss detailed job issues;
  4. Additional partnering workshop where it is felt necessary due to high staff turnover or a breakdown in the partnering process; and
  5. Regular discussions and sharing of knowledge both in a work and social environment.

Where a Partnering Charter is entered into the Company will work with the Client to determine the exact procedure to be followed.

People and Diversity

We treat people with respect, honesty and fairness.

At Durack Civil, people are our most significant resource. That’s why we celebrate both individual and team achievements, and offer career paths that reward initiative, performance, and dedication to our values.

We strive to provide an equal opportunity workplace that respects diversity and is free from discrimination, bullying or harassment. To achieve this, we adhere to all relevant workplace laws and best-practice standards. We also encourage open and honest communication so that we can resolve any issues in a prompt and fair manner.